A Lesson Taught By The Canadian Court System…….

And the lesson that I have learned…..no matter what you do, if you are willing to plead guilty…..there will be a plea bargin, and you will do less time than you deserve.

My ex boyfriend…..the ex boyfriend who beat me up…left bruises on my face, that lasted for for two-three weeks…..the one that threatened to kill me, got time served plus 14 days and a year probation. I had recieved a subpeona to go to court regarding this assault just over two weeks ago. But today I had a voice mail on my cell from Crown Council stating that I would not have to appear in court because yesterday he pled guilty to the assault charge, along with other charges that he was accused of.

In the past few weeks I had been getting information from a lady who works at the Surrey Pre-Trial Centre, where my ex was being held until his court date, regarding what was going on with his charges. So this afternoon, I gave her a call to find out what had happened with his case. She informed me that he recieved time served plus 14 days for the assault….his other charges included, theft of a credit card (which he got 1 day), fraud (1 day), and impersonation (1 day). WTF??? So pretty much…you can beat up a woman….go and steal someone’s credit card, use that credit card to purchase something…sign the name that appears on the card….and all you will recieve is approx. 3 months in jail. Oh and don’t forget to skip out on your court dates and your probabtion officer….harass the woman you beat up over the phone…even though there is a no contact order in effect…call her work…..somehow get her cell phone number and harass her so much that she has to go and get that number changed, and when you do get picked up by the cops, and appear in front of a judge….and when that judge tells you that you have to appear before them at a certain date…..make sure you don’t show up…..there will be a bench warrant issued, but you know what, it’s no big deal, cause apparently that means shit.

I gave the prosecutor a call, to let her know that I think this is totally unjust….this guy has such a lengthy criminal record…he has no regards for anyone…or anything, and if the court system is gong to simply give him a slap on the wrist, then what is going to make him stop and think of committing an offence again? She pretty much told me that she is just as frustrated as I am….and there is nothing I or she can do. Well isn’t that lovely? So there you have it folks…. the criminal court system at it’s finest.


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  1. I think this is a common scenario in all countries, along with corruption. The thing that really retards the growth of the system, is the system itself.

    Your boyfriend beat you up??? Sounds more like Caveman stories, hearing this happening only in Asian and African villages….Well, here a person doing all this would definitely recieve more punishment thanks to Women’s Empowerment and all that but then again, he’ll never be caught as he’ll pay a couple of thousands the police.

  2. @ Chrono Cr@cker
    It is really sad how "the system" works. Instead of protecting people, and giving them a little justice….it's almost like they are victimized all over again. Yes….my EX boyfriend beat me up, and obviously that is a bad thing and I am in no way condoning what he did, but in someways it was a good thing, because it made me realize that I was in a bad situation…and really needed to get out of it. Which of course I did, and am so much happier because of that.

  3. Don’t take this in the wrong way but it’s all a lesson in the long run I suppose. You really get to know PEOPLE more and perhaps this broadens your thoughtprocess and gives you more insight about the world. Next time you are in a relationship, you can judge people better.

    I still feel that it’s ridiculous about the beating up thing, sounds far-fetched, especially in places like Canada.. Though in various areas of Asia and Africa, it’s quite common..

  4. @ Chrono Cr@cker
    Far fetched? I think you would be surprised to find out how often things like this happen, and yes even in Canada. Just because stories don’t make it into the “spotlight” does not mean that spousal abuse does not happen. When I talked to the prosecutor in this case she said that she has sooooo many ongoing spousal assault cases. And yes I do judge people a hell of alot more than I used to, you pretty much have to these days. I am currently in a relationship with someone and I couldn’t be happier….he treats me very well.

  5. I guess I am very ignorant then…. You are right, these kinda stuff don’t make the front page of any newspaper or the first break on TV, and thus the public awareness is a bit low. The media needs a stray incident to alert it to this. But then again, that’s why blogs are here, see! You blog about it, express your feelings and now people like me can understand what’s happening even in the so-called developed super nations. 😉 While mental abuse has always been there for eons, it’s just that physical abuse has seen a decline nowadays.

    All the best for your current relationship!

  6. @ Chrono Cr@cker


  7. It has to change Says:

    Have you ever heard the expression, Absolute Power Breads Absolute Corruption?
    I have been one of the unlucky many who have observed the disgusting behavior of our Judges and Justices of the Peace. I have personaly witnessed Judges dismiss serious criminal cased without cause for nothing less than the fact that the Judge wants to go home for the day…It’s hard working more than one hour straight throughout the day. Our government officials tell us ” We need to make minimus sentences!” The Criminal Code already has minimum sentences and so does the Provincial Offences Acts. The all mean nothing if Judges and Justices are not held accountable for the sentences they impose.
    Here is an example. The Compulsory Automobile Insurrance Act gives a minimum penalty for Driving with no Insurance of $5000.00, MINIMUM. Justices of the peace rarely ever even give out fines close to the minimum. So what can be done? As of right now, NOTHING! No accountability.
    We need to have our Judges and Justices elected every 4 years and not Politicaly Appointed for Life. There has to be accountability for their actions and rediculous decisions.
    One more point.
    Justices of the Peace oversee Bail Hearings in Ontario. We have a Justice who is an admitted Sex Offender. The complaint was handled internally and it was determined that it did not affect his ability to sit as a JP. Say What! He grants Bail to Criminal Offenders!
    This is not right!

  8. […] shit about good behavior before they ended up in jail in the first place.  This also happened with my ex.  The charges that were laid against him.. and the sentence that was brought down upon him was […]

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