An Appointment With The Personal Trainer, That Has Turned Into My Own Personal Hell…..

I have been trying to get into shape for summer, so I have been on a diet, and have been going to the gym quite often.   I normally warm up on the bike…then do a little weights, then use the elliptical machine, a little more weights, then use the stepper machine.  I have been doing pretty good so total I have lost about 13 pounds.  But when it comes to weights…I really do not know what I am doing….I pretty much just use the weight machines that are at the gym, and stay away from the free weights.  

I figured that I would go in for a body composition appointment…to see what my ratio of body fat to muscle now was.  I went on Saturday and talked to a personal trainer, who works at my gym.  He asked me what sort of workout I was doing….and then told me that he could show me an exercise routine that would be really effective. 

I booked an appointment to workout with him on Sunday, and off I went.  The workout was approximately 35 minutes long, and involved alot of sqwats, and lunges.  It was pretty intense…and I could totally feel it in my legs when I left.

Well today is now Tuesday….and I swear I can barely walk!! My body is so freakin sore… legs feels like jello and my back is killing me.  I wanted him to show me a workout that I could do 2-3 times a week….that would enhance what I am already doing…not completely cripple me.  I can't even walk without having pain shooting through my body…..I will be lucky if I am even going to make it to the gym at all this week.     


2 Responses to “An Appointment With The Personal Trainer, That Has Turned Into My Own Personal Hell…..”

  1. Hey, you’ve got a pretty cool blog taraden, keep up the good work.

    Anyways, the problem that you face is very very common. It’s called inertia…. Your body wants to continue the same way that it has in the past and when you suddenly subject it to much more complicated changes, it reacts differently. You should have gone a bit more slowly.

  2. @Chron Cr@cker
    Well I thank you very much for the compliment and for visiting…..and trust me I will be taking things slowly. 🙂

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