The Edmonton Oilers…..Canada’s Only Hope At Lord Stanley’s Cup…..

The Edmonton Oilers shut out San Jose last night 2-0, advancing them further into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  And while the Edmonton Oilers are not particularly my favorite hockey team (err…. Vancouver Canucks fan here), or even my second favorite team (**cough** Calgary Flames) they are the only Canadian team remaining in the playoffs.

This morning there were reports on the news that hockey fans in Edmonton got a little rowdy last night after the win.  And while it is exciting when your team wins, and there is reason to celebrate…..the is no reason for violence.  Can't everyone just celebrate in a mature manner?  Why must the riot sqwad get called out?  Why do people feel the need to get into fights and beat people up?  This should be a happy time….not a time filled with violence.  This also does not reflect well on the city or on the entire country for that matter.  There are people all over world watching the Stanley Cup Playoff's…..come on people…I know we can show a little more class than that.



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