Is Anyone Listening?

I have noticed lately that most people seem to have poor listening skills. I work as a receptionist…and maybe it is due to the type of work I do….but I have noticed that I find myself repeating things that I have already said to people…the people whom I have already told this information to or are trying to give information to. Following me?

Not only do I find myself repeating the same things to the same people….I also have found that people are not helpful to themselves when trying to find out information. On numerous occasions I have had people asking me for help with something or trying to find out some sort of information. And while I am at work….if what they are asking me something that has to do with what I do while I am at work (or hell, even things that I am interested outside of work)…then I am usually more than heplful in trying to find out whatever they are trying to find (unless of course you are being a total bitch…hee hee). I have however noticed that people tend to ramble on, and then talk over the person of whom they are asking for help….especially when they are in need of something. I'm not too sure if this is to make things seem more urgent, or maybe they figure that this method will help them achieve what they are trying to achieve….but the best way to get a result would be to GET TO THE POINT…..AND THEN SHUT YOUR MOUTH and wait for an answer…..not ramble on, and talk over the person who you are asking for help. I swear some people could help themselves so much more if they just took the time to ask and then LISTEN….that is the only way to learn. 😛


2 Responses to “Is Anyone Listening?”

  1. I’m listening. 😉 As a receptionist, I think patience is one of the best qualities that will help you in the job. People always have the feeling that they can do anything and get away with it and ofcourse customer is king, isn’t he or she?

    BTW, just a question, your name is kinda differnet. Tara is known, but taraden just sounds a bit different. Are you asian?

  2. @ Chrono Cr@cker

    Patience definately is key, such an important part of my job….and no…I am not Asian. There are some pics of me in my bio…..check them out if you want. 😀

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