I Think I am Getting Old….

I swear…once you start to get a little older in life, thoughts and feelings start to change about things that you never thought would ever interest you. Things change…thats a fact…and I am starting to think differently about life.

I am only 31, but when I was younger….I didn’t think very highly of marriage. Not that I thought it was a bad thing…I just didn’t think it was for me. I always told myself that I never wanted to get married. The same with having more children. I had my daughter when I was young….17 years old….too young, but I had never given any thought to having anymore. At the time….I was involved with someone to whom I did not want to get married to…or have more kids with. Now things are different.

Once I turned 30, I found that something inside me changed. My thought process was different, my feelings and opinions had changed, hell, even my body was responding differently. Thus has made me want things that I did not want before. Is this just that I am growing up? Wanting some security in my life? All I know is that before…. I would never had even considered these things.


2 Responses to “I Think I am Getting Old….”

  1. I can get the gist of the post above but well a couple of things you mentioned were quite confusing really!

    Age is definitely inside the mind!! As you grow older, the thought process really changes. This is quite noticable after you are 5 years, infact the thought process changes every single day, but just that we don’t notice that tiny change but over a period of time, we are aware of ourselves.

    Why are you worried about this btw?

  2. It is not that I am “worried” about it….it is just that less than 2 years ago I wouldn’t have even considered these things. And now they are turning into something that I can almost bring myself to say that I want. Hee Hee!! I know that age is all in the way that you think and feel, maybe it does not have anything to do with my age…maybe it just has to do with the circumstances in my life now…I’m not sure. 😕

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