Theme Tuesday!!! Latest WP News…..

So the fabulous team at WordPress have unleashed some new themes this Tuesday… of course being Emire. I have been waiting for this theme for awhile. So….why on regulus still, you ask? Well, I just went to change my current theme to Emire…I had it all switched and ready to go….when suddenly I realized…..on older posts….things like comments and categories (ones that you have marked the particular post with) do not show up on the main page. Sigh! You have to click on the post to actually be able to see any sign of any comments. This is no good! I like being able to scroll down a blogs home page, look at the posts…then see how many comments have been left…if I am interested in the post, and feel like commenting or want to read the rest of the post, I then click on the post and comment away. With this theme you can not tell if anyone has commented, or the categories, the only thing that shows any type of description or individuality would be the title and the date. 😥


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