Give Up The Junk……

At 5:20 this morning my boyfriend left for work and I went to the gym….on our way out to our cars we came across this guy in the covered parking lot of our apartment building.  When I first noticed him, I saw him looking into cars, making me assume that he was trying to find one to break into.  As we got closer to him…he asked us "Do you know if there is a water tap around here?"  We both said no, and kept walking towards our cars.  I then said out loud, "yeah like you would find a tap in a car!"  I knew what he was up to.

So I go to the gym, work out for about 1 hour, and then go home.  When I go to go into the building the same dude is still there, in the parking lot, but he is now all camped out…I'm talking with a futon mattress and everything.  Whatever!  I go upstairs and get ready for work.  Approx 45 minutes later my daughter and I both have to leave….she has to go to school and I need to go to work.  So we get down to the parking lot and there is this freak…..again….but now he has no shirt or shoes on and is tweaking out, sitting on the floor, picking at his feet.  So thats it….I have now had enough of this guy.   By the looks of him he is either 1) a heroin junkie  2) a meth addict  or 3) a crack head…..I'm thinking either 1 or 2 personally.  I really do not need to see that shit….nor does my 14 year old daughter.  So I call the cops,  let them know what he is up to, and where he is….and they say they will send a car out to have a look.  

I grew up in this town….I remember when it was a nice place to live….now it is getting infested with drug addicts.  I am sick and tired of having to see them hanging out in the parking lot of where I live shooting up and smoking their latest fix, I am sick and tired of them asking me for money, something needs to be done.  Communities need to take charge….the government needs to stop handing out welfare cheques to people whom are abusing the system….that money could be used for treatment programs instead it is buying drugs for these addicts.   Police need to be more diligent and the court system needs to be a little tougher on implementing court ordered treatment for repeat offenders.  All I know is that I have had enough….and I am wondering when others are going to start to feel the same way.


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