Uping The Price of Poor Service…..

I have recently converted all of my monthly bills to online format.  Thus reducing the amount of crap that accumulates in our mailbox.  The only thing that really gets delivered there anymore, would be junk mail….flyers & previous tenants mail.  Which I am now trying to figure out how we can stop this junk from coming.  Because all my monthly bills are emailed to me, I check my mailbox maybe once a week.

Last night, I figured I would go down and clear out all the useless crap that these companies insist that we need….when I find a notice from our wonderful (err….sarcasim) landlord.  The notice was to inform us that there will be a rent increase of $30.00, that will be in effect August 1, 2006.  Rent Increase?  So let me get this straight….

Even though we have had ongoing problems with a leak in our bathroom ceiling, that we have told the landlord about on numerous occasions….and they have ignored our complaints, and have chosen to do absolutely nothing about it.  They now want to increase our rent? Oh yeah and of course we would have to sign another year lease?  Yeah okay….that makes total sense to me!  I am not even sure that I want to live in this building for another year….they obviously do not give a shit about the building or their tenants.

I sent an email to the Restidential Tenancy Board, asking what I can do about this ongoing problem.  They informed me that I should give written notice to the landlord about the problem.  So as of today they now have written notice….oh…and I also sent a copy to the owner of the building.  I think it is about time that the owner knows what is going on.  And if they do not now fix the problem within a "reasonable amount of time"…..as set out by the Residential Tenancy Board….then we as tenants have the right to take further action. This should get interesting……  😉


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