It Took A Little Perserverence…..Oh Yeah…And A Small Threat…

It seems like my leaky bathroom ceiling syndrome might actually come to a conclusion.  It seems that the landlord of my apartment building has finally decided to take this problem a little more seriously, than he has in the past.  Hmmm….I wonder why that would be?  Oh wait…I know…it probably has something to do with threatening legal action against them if they do not comply with the laws set out by the Residential Tenancy Board.  Funny how that works…eh?  😉 

When I arrived home last night from work, I found out that the landlord had left a notice on our door, letting us know that they will be entering our apartment within 24 hours to repair the bathroom ceiling.  I guess they have realized that the problem is not being caused by the upstairs neighbours filling their tub too full…the excuse that they fed me everytime I brought this problem to them.  It seems that it must be a leak from a pipe like I originally thought, go figure.  This just goes to show you that some people will walk all over you if you give them the chance.  Find out your rights, and stand up for them…if you are in the right, things will work themselves out….it may take awhile, but eventually they will.


3 Responses to “It Took A Little Perserverence…..Oh Yeah…And A Small Threat…”

  1. You don’t happen to live in Kingston do you? Haha. Sorry — when I was at Queen’s we had the worst landlord ever — he didn’t want to take the old school storm windows off in the summer! Yikes — and if one broke, he wanted to put plastic on them in the brutal Kingston winter — kinda needed glass, sorry mister. He also liked to plow our cars INTO the driveway — he would never mention when he was coming so we could MOVE them out. He was a jerk. Big time. He figured since we were students he could screw us over, but we definitely found out our rights, and I luckily had a housemate who wouldn’t back down. She even yelled at him once after he had made me cry one day and said “would you want your kids to have a landlord like you!?!?” I thought that was awesome. The workers he’d send were so condescending and would say “are you sure you didn’t just leave the tap on when you were putting on your make up?” Right, because we’re dumb girls, so clearly that’s exactly what we did. Or they would ask if we could “get our boyfriends to come over and do something.” Wow. Good luck with the leak! I hope it is resolved soon.

  2. @ doth

    Yeah, I guess if I ever find a place that does have a good landlord, then I better stay put!!! Or of course go buy a place of my own…. but unfortunately that is not an option at the present time… 😥

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. @ doth

    And no….I do not live in Kingston, I am in Vancouver BC. But that sounds likes bad times!! Kinda like what I am going though with this idiot. He came in to "fix" it on Friday…..well it is not leaking no more, but now I have a giant hole in the ceiling right above my shower head and I haven't seen him since! It is now Sunday! I can see the bottom of the bathtub upstairs. I am hoping that he will come today to fix the rest of it…tomorow in Monday and I have to go to work!

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