Not Enough Done….

I have come to realize that sometimes police officers often do not do their job properly. And while I do respect the work that they do….I can understand that their job sometimes would be even more difficult than anything that I could possibly imagine….and the majority of the time they do an excellent job. But, there are always exception to the rule. Isn't there?

Recently my ex-boyfriend pleaded guilty to a charge involving an assualt that took place two years ago….he was sentenced to 14 days plus time served, which turned out to be about 3 months. Three months for assault, theft of a credit card, fraud, impersonation…the list goes on and on. I talked to the prosecutor involved with the case, because, personally I thought he should have been sentenced to more time in jail. Because he pled guilty, the crown council figured they better accept the plea…while they had him there, and were able to accept a plea…he had warrants for almost two years on these charges. And while I can understand them wanting to get this over with..they did not have all the evidence for this case….or even consider the victims (my) feelings about the sentence. Where was my say in all of this. After all it was me that got beat up. Did the judge even see the pictures of my bruised face? After this assault had occured, my ex boyfriend had a no-contact order…which he violated on numerous occasions. He would call me at work, he got my cell phone number from my daughters cell phone, and started calling me on my cell….until I had to get the number changed. Why was he allowed to get away with breeching a no contact order? Why? Because the "lead" police officer who had attended the day that this whole thing went down, did not supply the crown with any of this information, did not mention anything about him sending a fax to my cellular company, so that I wouldn't be charged for having to change my cell phone number, due to the fact that someone who was not supposed to be contacting me, but was….that my ex had been harassing me at at my old place of work, as well as my co-workers that I worked with at the time.

What a fucking joke. When I spoke to the crown, she had no idea that any of this took place. How many times does a woman have to call the police to tell them that someone is harassing her…someone who has a history of violence towards her…before they take things seriously and actually file a report, and then send it to the proecutor when it comes time for the trial?

Then when something tragic actually does happen and there is public out cry, the community wonders…"how could this have happened?"….

Well if some of these officers actually did their jobs properly, and took no contact orders seriously, and took the time to file a report on someone breeching a no contact order, then maybe the court system would take this a little more seriously. What exactly is the point of a no contact order…if it is not going to be inforced?


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