The Mysterious Fido Bill……

On my way to work this morning I decided to listen to the radio, instead of listening to a CD….like I normally to.  So I tuned into 99.3 The Fox…a popular local rock station here in Vancouver to listen to some of the "Morning Show" with the Jeff O'Neil crew.  They are quite entertaining!  Anyhoo….Jeff O'Neil starting talking about cell phone bills.  Stating that his $50 plan magically turns into a $70 bill.  I found this quite funny, because just yesterday, I had been thinking the exact same thing.  I recieved my Fido bill online, and thought that it seemed a little expensive.  I am on the City Fido plan….which when I signed up….was advertised at $45 per month for unlimited minutes.  Then a few months later….when the promotion was going to end, Fido had informed me that I could "lock in" to the plan for two years…so that I could continue paying that price per month for unlimited calling.  Otherwise I would have to be put on a different plan…as that one was being suspended.  So….stupid me agreed to the contract.

On my account I pay for 2 phones….mine, and my daughters (which she has lost) but because I "locked into" the plan….I still have to pay monthly fees, unless I "buy out" the contract….which I am planning on doing as soon as I have some extra cash 🙂  

Anyway my portion of the bill came to $71.43.  A far cry from the $45.00 per month plan that I am on.  Of course that includes almost $10.00 in tax….but even without the tax….that is still almost $17.00 per month that they charge for things like…..system access fee….911 emergency fee…usage fee(?)…data usage fee(?).  The total amount of my bill for both phones is just over $140.00    😕  Wow…not too sure what the data usage fee is….I have never once gone on the internet with my phone, I don't need to, I have the internet at work and at home.  This makes me wonder…what exactly am I being charged for?


2 Responses to “The Mysterious Fido Bill……”

  1. fido has been a BS lately. especially with their introduction of mobile internet, some unlimited. its also the same thing with rogers. i got $1,500 bill the other day because of mobile internet even though i have unlimited plan for $7. some people received bill as high as $22K.

    ted rogers just want more money.

  2. angus frederick Says:

    I am not a whiner! This is principal. Along with a handful of smaller gripes that I have which could be chalked up to DESPERADO MARKETING fido recently charged me for Telus’ end of a long distance call placed to ME. In other words they assumed an already paid bill and double billed me over $50.00. After I found out about the double billing, they told me that it was too late. Like a stolen credit card or something except THEY were the ones that fucked up! You think that they would care enough about their reputation to try to clear this up? Uh-UH! Spend HOW MUCH to take them to court? Bullshit!

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