Vancouver Zoo Charged With Animal Cruelty….

hazina the hippo.jpg

The local media has released information that the Greater Vancouver Zoo has been charged with animal cruelty.  A hippo named Hazina, who was featured in in TV commericals for the communications company Telus during the holiday season, has been found to be living in deplorable conditions.  Hazina has been left alone in a dark barn, primarily made of cement….with a pool so small she could not submerge herself into it.  Even though a new half million dollar home is to open on June 24 for Hazina….. the animal care manager at the zoo has stated that the new facility should have been built sooner.  Animal Rights  groups pushed the zoo into building the new enclosure after the death of two adult hippo's.

And then you have Telus…..a multi-billion dollar company…using this animal to promote cell phones and other services during their holiday advertising campaign.  And to think of the conditions that this animal has been living in.  Even though Telus paid almost $12,000 to use Hazina in the ads…and part of that money going to build her new home, why was this hippo left to live in these conditions?  I wonder how much money this corporation made off of Hazina?


3 Responses to “Vancouver Zoo Charged With Animal Cruelty….”

  1. STEVE KYDD Says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  2. I love hippos, poor girll ❤

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