Don’t Touch…..

I can not stand it when things of mine are moved or touched.  I must just be having one of those mornings….

I get to work, and things on my desk have been moved.  And while they are not "my things" exactly (they are bought by the company I work for)…they are used by me and only me, when I am at work, so for the time that I am working there they are to be considered mine.  My keys for the storage room….which also contains the safe in which I need to open every morning were not where I keep them…in fact they were not in my desk at all & papers that I use to get info from to enter work into the company's system were moved from where they are usually kept.  There is a cleaning staff that comes in at night to do the office cleaning….but why would they touch these things?  There is no reason for them to touch these things.  Last week one of my favorite pens went missing from my pen holder.  What the hell is up with that?  I don't go snooping around peoples desk and take their shit….so I expect the same.  Don't fuck with my shit!!!!!


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