Nazanin: Post #3


While I was watching the local news last night I caught the tail end of a story that I have been trying to follow. A young 18 year old woman who was to be sentenced to death for murdering a man who was trying to rape her and her niece. This took place in Iran, so it has been a little hard for me to follow. Anyway…..a woman…also named Nazanin who lives here in BC, had been on the morning news show that I watch every morning. She gave website address to a petition online to try to save this girls life, which of course I signed…and also urged others to do the same. Well, Nazanin, (the one from here) was on the news last night stating that the charges for execution have been stayed in the case and that the case has now been moved to a lower court. She is travelling, with all the signatures on the petition, to meet with one of the Iranian officials, to try to help save the 18 year old Nazanin's life. If anyone has anymore information on this matter…please leave a link or a comment. Thank you!


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