Mayor Sam Sullivan….Off The Hook….

It was announced by the Vancouver Police Department that the Mayor of Vancouver….Sam Sullivan WILL NOT be charged for buying a addict crack cocaine and then allowing that addict smoke the crack in his car.  The Vancouver Police Department also claimed at he beginning, that the Mayor would not recieve any special treatment during this investigation.  So….I guess that would mean that if ANYONE in the future is caught doing the same…then they will not be charged either.  Somehow…I highly doubt that will happen.  So, let's get this straight… we have a Mayor..who supplies addicts with drugs….a Premier who gets away with drinking and driving….what's next?  All you have to do is be a high profile government figure….and you have the cops and the courts wrapped around your little finger, then just sweep everything under the rug…go about your daily business as if nothing had happened.  


3 Responses to “Mayor Sam Sullivan….Off The Hook….”

  1. Wow, he should be dismissed. You have in a funny city tara. 😉

  2. @ Chrono Cracker

    Yeah he should be dismissed….and the Premier too.

    I tend to write about unjust things that happen here in my part of the world….don’t get me wrong….Vancouver is a beautiful place to live, I love it here, and I don’t want to be anywhere else. I guess controversial things happen everywhere. But I do think that these politicians should have to face the music…just like the average person.

  3. The naked truth is that, anybody who has money, $$$$$$$ don’t really have to face the music. Their money means that someone else can face it for then.

    And I suppose this is a common scenario everywhere!

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