The Beginning Of The Bear Season…..


Black bears roam freely in many parts of the Tri City area in the Lower Mainland.  In the "average" person's lifetime…most would not even encounter a black bear in the wild….only maybe in some sort of zoo.

In one single summer, when I frequented the local trails….about 3 years ago…I saw 6.  They are here, in this area, and in many other areas of British Columbia.  We are lucky to live in such a place, with forests that house many different types of wildlife…but sometimes when these animals enter into our world….this often leads to end of their lives.

With housing creeping higher and higher up the local mountainsides, these animals are losing their homes.  We, the people move in…and they are expected…by us..not to interfere with our lives.  What a completely naive way of thinking.

People leave their garbage out over night, plant fruit trees in their backyards, hell…even have bird feeders on their back porches.  To a hungry black bear this is only a invitation to an easy meal.  Two bears have already been shot in the Coquitlam area this year alone, along with one more that was recently trapped by conservation officers…who could also quite possibly be sentenced to death.  The bear season has just begun!  Residents who live in areas that are known to be inhabited by bears must do more to protect these magnificent animals. 


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