Slow Down….Enjoy Your Youth….

Many teenage girls are trying to grow up way too fast.  I see this on a daily basis…I have a 14 year old daughter…and also there are her friends, and as well, sometimes tragic stories come through the media. 

This past weekend, in Coquitlam, a 15 year old girl was severly beaten and later died in hospital.  And who exactly was her attacker?  Her 21 year old boyfriend.  Even though police are not saying exactly what happened…they are stating that she was in "serious condition" when she was found and then died while at the hospital, her boyfriend, now charged with her murder.  

Teenage girls need to realize that they dont always know what is best for them….and that while they think that their parents are just trying to be "mean" or "un-cool" when inforcing rules….there is actually very good reason for them doing so.  Most parents are really only trying to protect their children when disallowing them to do certain things, because as we have all seen in the past, terrible things can definatly happen.

I think back to the days of when I was that age, and to be completely honest…I probably acted the same way.  I know on more than one occasion I thought that my parents were wrong and that I was right about whatever the situation might have been.  But looking back now, and knowing what I know now, I kind of wish that I would have enjoyed just being a kid a little more, instead or trying to grow up so fast.  You know, just living a carefree life, not having to worry much about anything.


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