Corporate Shananagans…..

I recently applied for a Visa card and to my total surprise….I was actually approved.  I have always been a cash kinda girl.  If I don't have the money for it, then I don't buy it type of mentality.  Which is a very good mentality to have, don't get me wrong!  I have no debt, not too many people can say that.  But there are those times when a credit card comes in handy…..for example ~ booking a campsite online, hotel room reservations, err….maybe a concert ticket or two!!

Anyhow…5 days ago, I went to put gas in my car, at one of those gas stations that has the "points card" program going on.  I was a little short on cash so I figured I would place it on my Visa.  I wanted to "pay at the pump"…so I inserted my Visa card….but then noticed that you have to insert your "points" card first to be able to recieve the 3.5 cents off per litre.  So I hit cancel.  On the screen it said "transaction cancelled".  I then proceeded to put my "points" card in, then my payment card, pump the gas into my car, and away I go to work. 

The next day…I log into my Visa account online, and find out that the gas station had pre-authorized my Visa for $100 for the cancelled transaction.  So I call Visa….they tell me to call the gas station, and get the gas station to call them letting them know that there was no purchase made, and that the transaction was in fact cancelled.  So I call the gas station, and end up talking with a completely rude girl who ends up telling me that I & Visa are both wrong, it is not their problem, and that Visa is lying to me.  I call Visa back, and speak to a completely different person and they tell me the exact same thing again, that the gas station needs to call them.

Today….making it day 5, with the $100 pre-authorization still on my account, I decide to call the gas stations head office customer service.  I wait on hold for 20 minutes and finally get through to speak to someone.  I get told the exact same thing that the rude girl told me a few days ago.  I very politely told him that I just spoke with Visa, and they are telling me to contact the gas station.  He then decides that he is going to call my Visa company , just to prove me wrong.  Well….I sit…on hold….for another 15 minutes…waiting….then all of a sudden, he comes back on the line and tells me that he needs to have my personal information and that he is going to get this all sorted out for me.  Hmm….guess Visa told him!  Got to love it when employee's of a major corporation know their companies policies, and make their customers feel like shit.


2 Responses to “Corporate Shananagans…..”

  1. If I were you, I would have said, “Thank you for the total bull shit Visa. When companies treat me like this and don’t understand the value of my hundred bucks, I can’t say anything other than goodbye. ANd I’m changing to ABC Card right now!”.

    In today’s world Custoemr is King and you gotta make them realize this.

  2. @ Chrono Cr@cker

    Atleast my problem has been fixed. I tried to make them realize that I am THEIR customer, and that this was total bullshit….but no one seemed to want to take me seriously or listen to what I had to say. I am just glad that the bogus charge is off my bill 😀

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