Back From The Bush…..

This past weekend, my bf and I went on a little camping trip.  We went to Allouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park.  It's quite nice there….not too far away…but still deep enough in the woods to be able to get away from the stresses that surround everyone on a daily basis.  We camped there quite a few times last summer…but this was the first camping trip of the year.  We had a pretty good time…except for one incident…

Right behind our campsite was another which another couple had set up camp.  They were up all night, drinking, doing drugs, talking…and when I mean all night, I mean all night.  I woke up at 6:00 in the morning on Saturday, and they were still partying.  My bf was expecting a friend of his to come up to our site, but because we were out in the boonies we had no cell signal.  We decided to go for a drive, so that we could get reception and give his friend a call.  We drove 15 minutes towards the city and were able to call him, no problem.  We then went for a little walk down to the lake, and then headed back to camp.  When we got back the couple behind us were packing up their things.  We didn't really think anything of it until the guy starting being a complete ass to us.  He started fingering us, swearing at us, then threw his leftover wood into our camp and gave us another middle finger.  I am not the type of person to just sit back and take shit, so I said to him "what exactly was that for?"  He told me that I should know what he was talking about.  I then told him "you need to keep your emotions in check, buddy" and that was that, off they drove…with him fingering us again as they drove by. 

I decided I would go down to the ranger station to find out what the hell was going on…I didn't want this hot head coming back during the night to start something.  Turns out that the park rangers had received several complaints from other families in the same area about them and that they were kicked out of the park.  I am guessing that he figured it was us that had complained, seeing as how all this had gone down while we were off making a phone call…but we had not said anything!  Guess thats what happens when you stay up all night…drinking and doing drugs…you don't think too clearly!


3 Responses to “Back From The Bush…..”

  1. I love camping, but you have just detailed one of the reasons why I *hate* public campsites.

    Fortunately I have contacts in the Scout Association and can get on the Scouts campsites. Much cheaper and the worst we have to put up with is 14 year olds making farting noises with their armpits at 2am…


  2. @ Collin

    Yes there are definately idiots everywhere……even way out in the woods. 😀 We tried not to let it ruin our trip though!

  3. It is interesting that they place campsites so close together… We getaway in groups.

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