For the past 3-4 days…I havent really been on WordPress all that much….which is quite abnormal for me. I am usually on this site a few times a day. I guess I just havent been feeling all that well, or really do not have anything that is too important to write. This morning I decided to log in to see what’s been happening….and I find that I have 5 new comments. So I click on each post individually….to read the comment at the bottom, when I realize that all 5 are spam. Just some meaningless babble that really doesn’t have any relation to the post and then, of course, a link to a site. And even though this is not a very large number of spammer comments….it is for me. I rarely get spam on this site. I wonder why now??? Oh well, they have all been deleted….if a comment is left that is not even remotely close to the subject of the post…it’s going to go.  :mrgreen:


2 Responses to “Holy..Spammers…”

  1. There was a big spam hit on wp.com over the weekend. Podz reckoned that Akismet caught 1.3 million spam comments in 24 hours or so. Something like that anyway.

    When you see comments like that again, mark them as spam and Akismet will update itself for better protection for the future.


  2. @ Collin:
    Thanks for the tip, I will definately do that in the future!

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