Not So Good….

While browsing through the dashboard of my blog yesterday, I came across my list of “Top Posts” for July 6.  For those of you who are unaware of what this list is…it is a list of which posts get the most traffic for that particular day.  Anyway I noticed that one of them was a post entitled “All Is Good In The World Of Mister Kitty“…..with all that has been happening in Mister Kitty’s world lately, I figured I would write a little post, explaining why now everything is not so good in the world of Mister Kitty….

Poor Mister Kitty has not been feeling very well lately.  In fact, he has felt just plain awful.  He has been tho the vet two times in the last 5 days, has vomited atleast 9 times, had an enima performed (poor thing), has had blood tests and x-rays done which found that he has an inflamed liver and pancreas.  He is not wanting to eat, which is forcing me to have to force feed him….in which he turns from loveable friendly Mister Kitty, into some demontic feline who’s moans and crys are quite hellish sounding!!  I don’t know what to do with him anymore.  The vet has told me that the inflamation will go down….it will just take time.  And to make sure that he is eating…without it coming back up.  I sure hope he is feeling better soon.  


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