A Wildlife and Environmental Nightmare….

UPDATE:   The Hong Kong based company, mentioned below, has now agreed to come up with more money to pay for the clean up.  And while this is a “good thing”…..there really should’t have been any reason for them not to pay…..and this really doesn’t change my opinion of them.

A Hong Kong based company is responsible for a oil spill that occured in the Burrard Inlet on July 4, 2006. One of their ships caused the spill during the refuelling of a bulk container ship….spilling 1,000 litres of fuel into the Inlet. Many Vancouver sea birds are now experiencing painful deaths due to this spill. The oil is burning the birds feathers and skin and the oil is toxic if ingested. There have been many rescuers involved in the clean up….but the company responsible for the spill is now refusing to pay for the rest of the clean up…claiming that they are unhappy with how much the rescue effort is costing them. The company has told rescuers who were trying to save oil soaked birds to pack up and go home.


So let’s get this straight…your ship…is responsible for this ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER….and you are whinning about how much the rescue effort is costing you? Have you no heart? No morals? Not even an ounce of compasion for these poor animals and the surrounding area, that you & your company have now damaged? If I were the head of the Port Authority I would seriously be reconsidering letting this company anywhere near the oceans and water ways of Vancouver. Why should they even be allowed to operate, when they are not going to stand up and be responsible for their actions?

And just for the record ~ the ONLY reason why I have not given the name of this company in this post is due to the fact that it has not been released to the media. I did many a searches on Google trying to find out the name…but was unable. You best believe that if that name was available to me that it would be typed out here, in this post in BIG BOLD LETTERS!!!


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