Moving On….

At the end of August….the one year lease that my bf and I signed for our 2 bedroom apartment is up. We are not wanting to have to sign another lease here, as the landlords of this building are not the greatest….we have had several problems with them and with the apartment itself. We are also in need of another bedroom….I am three months pregnant (which I don’t think I have mentioned yet…on this blog ) 😕 and once baby comes, it will need a bedroom! So we have been looking through the classsifieds to try to find a place to live. We actually went and viewed a few places….one being this older house that was really nice and would have been lovely to live in..but they did not allow pets…..there is no way that Mister Kitty is not coming with us! Others were too small….or some are just too expensive and not even worth looking at anyway,as we could never afford them. It amazes me how some of these landlords can get away with renting a 3 bedroom suite for over $2,000 canadian per month. How can people afford that? They might as well put a down payment on a place and make mortgage payments for that amount of money.

Anyway, we did look at a three bedroom townhouse last night…which I really like. We have emailed away the application, mentioning that we are very interested and can give a deposit A.S.A.P…..and are now waiting back for a response. I am really hoping that we get it….then we don’t have to worry anymore about where we are going to live!


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