My Return To The Real World….

For the last week I have been on holidays from work.  Today was my first day back….and as expected…it sucked.  It felt like I had been away for much longer than a week, and I really did not want to be there.

Getting to the actual “vacation” aspect of this post…that really didn’t turn out as planned.  My bf and I planned to go camping mid week (Wed or Thurs) and then come home on Saturday.  Thinking that as we were leaving mid-week, we would beat the weekend rush….thus having no problems finding a place to camp.  So Thursday morning we left….drove to Hicks Lake, which is just outside of Harrison Hot Springs….to find out that all the campsites were full.  We went to 2 other campsites in the area…which were also full.  We then decide to drive back to Maple Ridge, BC to our “usual” camping spot….Allouette Lake….thinking yet again that we would have no problems….but no….those 3 campsites were full as well.  We ended up camping at the Maple Ridge Campground….which is not really camping at all….no individual campfires allowed (only one community fire during the hours of 5PM and 10Pm only) the sites were small, and there was also the fact that it was situated right beside a very busy road  😦  We stayed there for one night and then came home.  Not what we were expecting!!

But hey….I can’t complain too much…as I did have the whole week off of work….which I did completely enjoy  :mrgreen:


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