ARG! There are 3 Matthew Good shows happening over the next 4 days here in British Columbia….and how many am I attending? Unfortunately the answer would be none.  And that makes me very sad!! First, he is playing at the Prince George Folk Festival on July 29….then he is making a stop in Calgary Alberta before heading back into BC for 2 dates on Vancouver Island…July 31 in Nanaimo, and August 1 in Victoria. For months I have been wanting to go to the island shows….but finally realized that they are on a Monday and a Tuesday. Making it completely impossible for me to attend, as I have to be at work at 8:30 A.M on both Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  How utterly disappointing!

And to even make things even more unbearable…I can’t seem to eject the Cd with “Rooms” from “In A Coma”  out of my car stereo.  No…there is nothing wrong with my deck….it will eject it if I push the button…I just can’t seem to bring myself to push that button.  Such an amazing collection of music.


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