One More Thing To Add To The List Of Reasons Why….

On the weekend we discovered yet another leak in the apartment that we are renting.  This bringing the number of leaks that we have had to deal with over the course of a year to 4.  I called the landlord on Saturday….at first to see if they had recieved our notice that we are leaving as of August 31….and then to mention that there is yet another leak.  And the response that I got???  He told me…”the apartment below yours also complained of a leak in the same location.” 

Doesn’t he think to come knock on our door to find out where the water is coming from?  Isn’t he at all concerned about mould?

I am so glad that we are leaving that building.  Things just keep getting worse.  The other day my bf and I were walking through the parking area…where there were some new tenants moving in to one of the other apartments.  My bf simply said….”FOOLS!!” and he could not have been more right.  I am seriously considering reporting them to the health department after we leave.


2 Responses to “One More Thing To Add To The List Of Reasons Why….”

  1. Is there a tennant type place you can report them to when you leave? I know we have them here in Ontario, though the name of the organization or government branch escapes me at the moment.

  2. @ Doth

    There is the Residential Tenancy Board. I have spoken with them when we were having problems with the leak in our bathroom. But I am thinking that the health department might want to have a look at the building, because it took the landlord over 4 months to fix the bathroom leak ( and by fix I mean stopping the water from dripping and that is it…all of the materials that were damaged from the water are still there). I really feel sorry for the next people who end up moving into this suite…we have had nothing but problems.

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