Little Ol’ Me….To The Rescue….

I decided to pop in at home today, while I was out and about running errands for work.  I parked my car, and made my way towards the lobby door.  Before getting there, one of the landlords was going into the lobby with 4 small children (her grandchildren).  She didn’t hold the door for me or the elevator, as when I entered the lobby the elevator door was just closing….and to my surprise one of the little boys that was with her did not make it onto the elevator.  So there we were, this little boy and myself, standing in the lobby.  He then starts to cry…realizing that he has been left behind.  I try to calm him down.  I tell him “don’t worry I am sure your grandmother will be in the elevator when it comes back down.”  So we wait…the elevator arrives, and it is empty!  Great!  So in we go.  I know that the landlord lives on the 3rd floor, but that’s about it, I have never been to their apartment.  On our way up to the third floor the little boy gets sick all over the floor of the elevator…I am assuming from being scared.  I ask him if he is okay, he says “yes.”  We get to the third floor…here I was thinking that his grandmother would be by the elevator waiting for him..but no, there is no one around.

I ask him if he knows which apartment she lives in.  He says that he does but when I ask which number it is he says he will show me.  Well after walking down the hallway, he can’t seem to remember which apartment it is, as they all look the same.  The real shitty thing is, is that I have her phone number in my cell phone but I realize that I have left it in the console of my car.  The little boy then tells me that his mom is waiting for them downstairs in her car.  Hallelujah!!!  So off we go back downstairs in the elevator to meet up with his mother.  We get to her car…it is empty.  Crapola!!!  I then tell him to come with me back into the lobby…when he spots his mother and father heading out of the parking lot on foot…with yet another child.  (how many children do these people have anyway?)  So yay….finally he was reunited with someone from his family!  But I still can’t believe that his grandmother did not come back for him.  I am positive that when the elevator door was closing, I heard her say “oh no…your brother!”  And then for her not to even realize that he was missing?  Now that’s scary!!!


One Response to “Little Ol’ Me….To The Rescue….”

  1. Finally got around to reading this one… my “suspicions” do not seem that way as much now.

    You are an angel.

    Anagram for my name, actually. 🙂

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