China’s Way Of Dealing With Rabies….

I was thoroughly disgusted when I opened the newspaper yesterday and came across this story….


In Shanghai China 50,000 dogs were beaten to death in an government ordered campaign to try to stop the spread of the Rabies disease.  The only dogs that were spared in this attack were military dogs and police canine units (go figure).  Dogs that were being walked by their owners were taken from them and beaten to death, right there….in front of them. 

The last I heard….there is a RABIES VACCINE!!  In fact, my cat, Mister Kitty, just had his Rabies shot last month.  What the hell is wrong with these people?  Why not combat this disease in a safe and humaine way?

Government officials have defended the slaughter of these animals by saying “with the aim to keep this horrible disease from people, we decided to kill the dogs.”

I dont give a shit what they say….this was a completely disgusting and ruthless way of dealing with this problem.  PETA, an animal rights group has asked that people boycott any products from China.  I can’t help but think that with a little planning, a little compasion and some vaccinations…they would have never had to resort to this kind of meaningless violence against these animals.  What is this world coming to?   


32 Responses to “China’s Way Of Dealing With Rabies….”

  1. That is disturbingly horrific.

  2. i totaly agrea whith you!thats mean and stuped

  3. I hope people will see this all over the world and see how they treet animals in Chaina. I hate them! They do not deserve to get any help from any other contry that cares about animals.
    I am glad they was an earthquake there and glad the Japanese didnt help them. They shouldnt be any animals in Chaina!They seem to eat every thing that movies.

  4. NANG KIPGEN Says:


  5. TubasaIsaFuckinRetard Says:

    Tubasa, you’re fucking retarded!!!!!!!!! You do realize that it is only the government and not the people. The earthquake affected and killed countless lives and they were all innocent. For making that statement, I truly hope you, and only yourself as I hope that your family is more enlightened, burns in hell for all eternity!!!!!!!! I have never seen such reckless disregard for human life and that shows me that you are a worthless piece of shit. That has got to be the most ignorant statement in the world and, while I disagree with this, it is believed that many of these dogs harbor this disease. The rabies vaccine does not cure rabies, only prevents it. This means, I am explaining in further detail since you are clearly a fucking retard, that if the animal has rabies, the vaccine will have no effect!!!!!!!!!! And also you’re a fucking hypocrite. Who are you to attack another culture you fucking faggot!?!??!?!!!?!? Do they come over and smack the cocks out of your mouth and beat the shit out of you for being a fuckin retarded cock sucker!?!?!?!!? I don’t think so, therefore shut the fuck up and continue choking on a cock. Also a lot of other cultures consume dogs, not just Asia you faggot. Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, etc.

    P.S. Japan did send aid to China you fuckin retard!!!!! Everyone around the world did, including the US so go fuck yourself and I hope you die of rectal trauma. Additionally, for anyone else reading this post, I am against animal cruelty. However, I believe it was a necessity as people have died from this disease.

  6. I truly can not understand how anyone could hit an animal until it dies. Have they no compassion, no understanding and no humane feelings in them at all. These are the people our government has allowed America to become so indebted to. Mercy!!

  7. Cindy Hamilton Says:

    I look at all products before buying and will not buy anything made in China. I would never go there on holiday.
    It is not only the government who is cruel, the people themselves are extremely cruel. They organise horse fighting and all sorts of horrible fights between animals.
    Aren’t they the country who have ‘killing rooms’ for baby girls, as parents prefer to have a boy child. China punishes people if they have more than one child.
    These are the people who leave baby girls in litter bins, gutters or they go into the ‘killing rooms’.
    If these people can do this to their own children, they certainly have no respect for animals.
    The only way to make an impact on this country, is to boycott any merchandise from there. I notice Marks & Spencer now have most of their clothes made in China , probably accounts why the quality is not there any more and the items don’t fit correctly.
    I feel such sadness and despair that people of China are so very, very cruel. Boycott their goods and write if possible to the Embassy saying such. It is the only way to make China aware that others do not condone what they think is acceptable.

  8. Stupid fucking chink fag prick ass bitch mother fuckers, I’ll find every one of those stupid chinky ass fags and beat their asses down so hard. These people don’t deserve the gift of life, they don’t deserve to have their heart beat.

  9. This is horrific. I came across this when I was researching about rabies for a college assignment and I was gobsmacked with this, its horrible. Why and how could anyone treat an animal so inhumanly. I’m discusted with this and hope China realise there is actually a vaccination for this disease and decide to put it into practise in their country.

  10. puppyluvr Says:

    thats just sick mean and cruel how would the feel if they got rabbies and were beat to death

  11. WOW this is so horrible, they have such fucked up ways of thinking in china, i just went through a 3 week class study in college about them and they are truly fucked up belief wise and humane wise. This is such a sick thing that they did. I couldn’t imagine if anyone ever were to hit, let alone BEAT my little pom to death.. I’d probably go complete ape shit on the person

    ps. to the person who is freaking out up there from May 28.. get a life, honestly, look at how you just reacted… take a second to mirror yourself and how completely stupid and nuts you just made yourself look. you justify what these people did to the dogs is right? thats SO fucked up on so many levels, yeah, people have died from rabies, people die from A LOT of things, but that is no reason to go around inhumanely beating living, innocent creatures to death.

  12. this is so sad i mean really why the hell would some one do something like this


  13. My god, would you look at all these comments. What a princess of a society we are. Have you any idea how infantile and foolish you all sound with your knee-jerk criticisms of China?

    I have no enjoyment in these dogs deaths but they were killed with good reason…for the greater good of people. Sure there are more humane ways of dealing with it. But China is not America. Believe it or not, all people do not hold our same values. Who are we to say what other people can and cannot do to solve a potentially disastrous situation? Rabies is a death sentence. I think it highly likely that a country like China, probably views dogs as inconsequential and does not have the infrastructure to deal with them as we do. I doubt they have hordes of vets and medication to treat or even euthanize the thousands of animals involved.

    I feel sadness and despair when I see that poor dog lying there stiff in death. No reason not to feel bad for the pitiful creatures. But die they must and I’m sure if they had a better way to do it, they would. Cant have bullets flying all over though.

    This video is another dose of reality right here in the good ole USA:

  14. Also, I’d have more respect for your sentiments about the horrible situation if any of you would have tried to help the dogs at all. I’m sure there are/were groups trying to stop or ease this. How much of your dollars did you pony up to ease these dogs’ suffering? Donate some needles? Some meds? I doubt it. Easier to go buy that cute sweater for your pom at Petsmart and forget about the real world for a bit.

  15. Anna Jones Says:

    i stumbled across this when i was reaserching my my project and i have to say this: they need to be stopped. where’s peta?

  16. Leave it too the Fucking chinese., to take the cheap way out.
    Sick People.

  17. Animal Lover Says:

    stupid stupid stupid stupid dog police that beat a poor defensless puppy this is very stupid!!! and they better never do it again EVER or ill take that stick and beat them!!!!!!!!HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dumbies 😛

  18. Good job China. I wish I could kill the barking muts in my neighborhood along with some of the brat white trash kids. I am Chinese living in a white round eye infested city in USA. Some day USA will be China and all round eye will be dead along with their stupid smelly dirty pets.

    • GodLovesUs Says:

      That’s horrible !!! you’re bad, don’t u know that Dogs HAVE FEELINGS ! If I do it to you, you die just a second You will feel what dogs felt I HOPE it will happen to u also I HOPE & I WANT YOU TO FEEL IT !

    • PongGeisagronk Says:

      PonGe you are soo stupid and racist. who gives a shit what ur eyes look like, im not living in the usa but i know for sure that people from the USA wont go live in the polluted country>
      why dont you go talk to your neighbors instead of being a coward and hiding your frustration, your so weak and have no guts! and probs no friends !!!
      and btw your white too u idiot and no asians are being killed cause their eye shape! you psychopathic stupid try hard dick head!

      • PongGe-fuck you Says:

        Pong ge u dirty piece of shit, how could u say this u fucking mut. Obvioulsy USA is not a white country u idiot.

        So fuck u

  19. i think we all should beat the chinese ass holes like they do to dogs

  20. You think that picture is bad, try to stomach this.
    From National Geographic


  22. GodLovesUs Says:

    FUCKIN CHINA ALL CHINESE PEOPLE & ESPECIALLY THE PRESIDENT OF CHINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PRESIDENT OF CHINA “Hu Jintao” You don’tknow what your people doing they sell dog meats or een cats.. tHEY beat dogs have rabies why dont you do it in a peace way … DOnt you have sense I think youre not good president In just small way you cant do it in a peace way God is WatchingYOu !!! Hope youll read dis !

  23. This cruelty is nothing compared to the way they treat animals. I’m surprised they didn’t skin them before killing them, or harvest their bile, or eat their genitals as an aphrodisiac. I don’t understand how a race of people can evolve and thrive without feelings for their animals or even their own children. I can only hope that the anger here will inspire some extremists. I’m tempted.

  24. Bomb China. Right fucking now. There is no fucking excuse for that. At all. If they could do that to dogs, think what they could do to humans.

  25. Ahhhhh! Chinese bastards! Not all of them that would be racist, just most of them. I cen’t believe there aren’t any Chinese standing up against their backward ways.

  26. TabusaCanSuckIt Says:


  27. slaughter the squinted eye Says:

    I believe the best way to deal with this and the rest of the worlds problems. Is to completely wipe the squinted eye people of the face of the earth. Test medications on them. Let the rats take a break from all the testing. There 99% of the worlds problems today. Slaughter all of them, cut em open and see how they like it. Thats when life would finally make sense.

  28. that’s disgusting they should feel so ashamed of themselves for doing that to such a loveable creature, makes me sick to my stomach to think people feel okay with themselves in doing that, there should be a law against this sort of stuff, ergh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. you are all retarded Says:

    i think you are all over reacting. dogs are dogs and humans are humans. animal crualty and brutaliy is wrong that is clear, but there should be a balance. there should have been a better way to treat it, but with all the negativity shot back a china as a whole is ridiculous. thats how wars are started. it is PURE IGNORANCE to become racist or biased because of one event triggered by specific people and organizations. please calm down. please.

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