Time Does Heal…

While perusing Matthew Good’s blog sometime last week I came across this post, which reminded me of a time in my life, when things were not so good.  Around this time, in late July, early August of 2004, a certain event made me realize that I was not in a very good situation, and really needed to change the way my life was turning out.  Love can be blind, love can hurt….more than anyone can imagine, and people who say that they love sometimes can not be trusted.  In retrospect…looking back now, two years later….I would not change the events that happened that day.  In fact I would go through everything all over again, just to be where I am today.  It is quite ironic that I had to go though pain and misery just to find happiness, but I did find it, and that is all that matters.  And while I do not know Mr. Good personally, I do personally wish him the best of luck with the situation that he is going through, and hope that he too finds some happiness in this time of deceit and hurt.  Time does heal.


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