Thursday Thirteen……

Seeing as how I will be moving during the next couple of weeks…I have dedicated this Thursday Thirteen to the ups and downs….the pro’s and con’s….the good and the bad things that come along with moving.

First the good stuff…

1) Not having to deal with all the problems that came with living in our “old” place.  (see posts here , here oh yes and here)

2) Moving on to bigger and better things…..and getting a “fresh” start in a “new” place.

3) Moving away from the “crazy lady” who keeps us up at night

And now with the bad…

4) The fact that I have to pack up all my belongings and physically move them to a different location.

5) Having to move my cat, Mister Kitty.

6) Coming to the realization that I know absolutely no one who owns a truck or van.

7) Having to convince family and friends to come help with the move.

8) Knowing that even though I will try to label the contents of boxes properly, I know for a fact that I will have problems trying to locate things that I need within the first few days after the move.

9) Having to try to remember a new address and postal code all over again.

10) Having to pay to rent a moving van (see #6)

11) No matter what…I always seem to lose something during a move.  And by lose…I mean lost forever, never to be seen again.  Last time I moved it was my leather CD case containing my most listened to CD’s.

12) Having to pay $460 more per month than our current rent for 1 more extra bedroom.

13)Having to turn into Cinderella for a day and having to clean and scrub everything in the old apartment.


10 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen……”

  1. Cleaning is a good thing though, isn’t it? lol Thanks for visiting my T13 – Classic Books I’ve Never Read Edition at Bloggin’ Outloud. lgp

  2. Moving sucks.

    But, it’s starting anew.

  3. @ Lyn

    Yes cleaning is a good thing…but I tend to like doing it more when it benefits me. Hee Hee! 😀

  4. Moving is sooo stressful, I’m glad it’s behind me!
    My TT is about pets this week.

  5. Good luck with moving!! Have a great Thursday!!

  6. $460 more for another bedroom? That’s insane. Good luck with the move!

  7. Oh – the joys of moving! We’re house hunting as we speak… and though i’m excited about moving… i’m not excited about the actual moving part!! LOL i hate to move & esp. since we have SO MUCH junk! Maybe it’ll help me with my clutter-issue! LOL

    Good luck w/your move!

  8. Oh my. $460 more for one lil room? That’s crazy!

    Good luck with your move. At least you can sleep at night! 🙂

    Thank you for visiting my 13!

  9. I hate moving! I’m moving 2500 miles away in October, I’m in denial about the packing part.

  10. We JUST moved — it took 4 days to move all of our crap, and we do own a cube van. We just have too much stuff! Still in boxes after being here for 2 weeks, with no time to unpack in sight until mid-September/October.

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