Suck It Up…..

Have you ever felt completely and totally unappreciated?  Well that is how I am feeling right this very second.  After busting my ass all last week and the first part of this week…..working on this “project” for work….after completing it on time….and without any major upsets I must add, do I even get a “thank you for all your help” or a “good work…well done”…….no.  Nothing.  And while this may seem like a petty little post…I am really pissed off.  You see..I am covering for someone for this week.  It is their project, but I have done all the work.  They get the recognition…..and the commision, which amounts to well over $1000 on top of their normal pay and what do I get?  Nothing.  It just does not seem fair.


3 Responses to “Suck It Up…..”

  1. You should assert yourself to your boss and make them aware of your disappointment in not getting any credit on that project. Either that, or sabotage the damn thing. I’m only joking.


  2. @ tacofish

    Heh heh…I was thinking the exact same thing…..SABOTAGE!!! No I am only kidding, but that would be fun!

  3. Not fair at all. I think you should ask for a promotion and take over their job.

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