Caffeine Crisis….

While I my way to work this morning I stopped at the “Tim Horton’s” along the way to pick up a muffin.  It seems that a bowl of cereal for breakfast does not seem to cut it anymore.  If that is all I have I am starving by the time I get to work.

Anyhoo….while waiting in line at the drive thru…I hear this woman start to yell at someone.  I look over at her vehicle, which is just past where you stop to make your order, and notice that the man that is waiting behind her is making some sort of comment to her about her not moving ahead in the line fast enough.  Not to mention that there is cars infront of the woman as well…it’s not like as if she is holding up the line,  she has just not driven right up to the ass end of the car in front of her.  He honks his horn and continues to yell at her.  Her response is simply…”What is your problem?  It isn’t the end of the world is it?”  After a few more obsenities are thrown back and forth they finally go on there merry little way.  Leaving me to think….geez people……it’s like 8:00 in the morning…and it is only coffee, do we really have to be so rude to each other?


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