Intimate and Interactive With Matthew Good? Shut Up!

Update #2:  The invites have been sent.  No email for me  😦  but best wishes to Matt.  He leaves Vancouver for good….Aug 26th. 

Updated:  There is still no word on Matt Good’s site regarding if he has chosen the fans that will attend tonight’s performance.  I have not received any emails regarding this event…making me think that I have not been selected.  😦  Congrats to whomever was…and hopefully there will be some pics, some video or at best a podcast that can be viewed at some point.  What a truly memorable experience this would have been. 

Matthew Good has announced today on his blog that he will be performing an intimate show for Vancouver based fans….tomorrow night…at a downtown apartment.  Holy freakin crap!  He has asked fans to send an email, with a little blurb about themselves, why they are wanting to attend and a link to their blog, flickr page and email addy.  Mine has now officially been sent…and I am hoping there may be a possibility of a reply.


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