Was There Life Before The Web?

Ever since we  moved into our new place we have been without cable or the internet.  We were supposed to have the “cable guy” hook it up on Tuesday….and according to Shaw Cable….he did..at least that is what the “work order” says….but we still have no cable, no internet.  My bf called Shaw Tuesday evening to find out what was going on.  They said that the cable guy came by, and that two out of the four cable outlets are working.  Well after my bf lugged the TV up and down two seperate flights of stairs…hooking it up to all four of the outlets to see which two of the four were working…we found the answer to be none.  Shaw is now supposively coming by tonight…this time maybe the cable will actually get hooked up.

All of this leading me to think…what the hell did we do before we had the wonders of the internet?  I think of all the things that I use it for…it really makes life alot easier.  Paying bills, checking account balances, sending a “hello” to someone (wherever they may be in the world), finding out what is happening in the world, having search engines to find out information on whatever subject or thing that you would like to know about…it really is amazing, and missed when it is not available.  If it wasn’t for having access to the internet at work….I would not be writing this post right now.  Hopefully tonight…we will have our cable and internet hooked up!


One Response to “Was There Life Before The Web?”

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