Put Down The Cell…..

While driving around yesterday afternoon, running errands for work, I was following an older woman in a burgundy Subaru.  She had tacky bumper stickers plastered all over the ass end of her car…one of which read “I wonder if you’d drive any better if that car phone was stuck up your butt”.  And while I found her bumber stickers to be a little over obsessive…I had to kind of agree with that one, because even though I do own a cell phone…I try not to be talking on it while driving.  It is quite distractive and I have seen many drivers make stupid mistakes while chatting away on their phone.

But the thing that really got me was that when I looked a little closer at this woman driving the Subaru…I couldn’t help but notice that she herself was chatting away on a cell phone.  WTF?  Yeah okay…alot of people drive while using their cell phone…no big deal….but this lady has a sticker…blatantly criticizing driviers who are driving while using their cell phones…and here she is doing the exact same thing.  Did she forget that she had placed this sticker on her car?  Or maybe she herself had not placed this sticker on her car….did she forget that the ass end of her vehicle contains a smear campaign of obnoxious bumber stickers?  I just found this whole thing highly ironic.


2 Responses to “Put Down The Cell…..”

  1. Ok, this is getting a little surreal. Carla is saying something similar!

    It’s actually illegal to use a cell phone without handsfree in the UK, yet I see people do it every day.

    Oh how I wish I had police powers. Or at least a shotgun. 😉

  2. @ Collin

    Here in Canada, driving while talking on a cell phone is not illegal….but totally should be. There has been some talk of making it illegal…but nothing has really come out of it as of yet.

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