Ikea Catalogue Controversy…..

I overheard the ladies whom I work with discussing this story….

The new 2007 Ikea catalogue contains a picture on the inside of the cover that has some people in an uproar, and has apparently has made the store pull the catalogue’s from it’s shelves. On the inside cover…which folds out….there is a picture of a family lounging around on a sofa type bed with their family pet…a dog…which seems to have a large erect male sexual organ. I have found an example of this photo on Google but it is quite small and kind of hard to see. If you happen to have one of the new Ikea catalogues laying around…open it up..have a look. See what you think.


8 Responses to “Ikea Catalogue Controversy…..”

  1. I don’t see it but maybe the picture is too small. If it is actually there then the store ment to publish it. As if these pictures arn’t picked apart before posted. But whatever. I’ve seen worse that should not be aloud. For instance you can’t watch a good movie without nudity. So this type of thing should be expected. Although I don’t agree with it.

  2. @ Jane Doe

    Yes, the pic which I have here is a little small and hard to see. I do however have a catalogue at home, and it does appear that the dog is quite well endowed. I, myself, do not really care…I just found it quite comical that such a huge corporation would make such an error and then have to remove all these catalogue’s from their stores. Of course, only after sending out god knows how ever many out in the mail to numerous households.

  3. Some sad little person has nothing better to do than pull a corporate prank like that. Poor man…likely lost his job because of his imaturity…maybe he needed some attention…maybe he is compensating for something…um…lacking in his personal life…

  4. Yes. Because everyone knows that everyone who pulls a prank is really just a sad, lonely person on the inside, compensating for their lack of a large sexual organ by unleashing these… SHENANIGANS on unsuspecting soccer moms. The horror.

    The horror.

  5. Poor dog! Looks like the family rushed in the room in a playful manner while the he was trying to get some from the dog-next-door and now has a severe case of blue balls.

    I feel your pain boy… put some ice on ’em!


  6. quit being a bunch of babies, this is hilarious!! I want to meet the guy that photoshopped that penis in. Im still laughing! I would do it to. HAHA
    Also If you look at the first released VHS cover of The Little Mermaid
    there is a member on the gold castle in the background.
    Damn Funny!!

  7. @ Clayton

    Hmmm… I might just have one of those Little Mermaid covers kicking around in a box somewhere…. will have to give it a look. And I completely agree with you…. it is quite comical!!

  8. Pretty sad that the sight of a dog’s parts are so important. Hasn’t anyone seen this before? Pretty common out in the country. Just roll a dog over and tickle his tmmy.

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