Fido At Their Finest….Once Again…….

A certain company, whom I have been known to despise (IF there is anyone out there who is a regular reader, you should already know of who I speak) has come to annoy me once again. Yes I am speaking of Fido…who else?

Even though I have switched cellular companies…to Roger’s Wireless…my daughter’s cell phone is still under a Fido contract. So yesterday…I receive an email saying that “my Fido bill is now available” to view on their website. But in true Fido customer service fashion…when I go to their website, and try to log in, I receive a message saying that they are having technical difficulties and to try again later. So now I have absolutley no idea how much the bill is for, or am I able to view it to see if there are any false charges on it (which is also very typical of Fido). So I have decided that until I am able to actually see my bill, I will not be paying it. I have also learned through their “customer service” department…that to have a printed bill mailed out to me would result in a $4.00 charge on my account. HUH? Well now, doesn’t that just make total sense?


5 Responses to “Fido At Their Finest….Once Again…….”

  1. I feel your pain completely.
    I just recently got a fido bill of 700 dollars. Yes you read that correctly 700 dollars! and that’s me rounding DOWN. It’s saturday so I can’t even call them so all weekend this is going to be festuring in my mind. Every month there are random charges that I’ve been finding here and there, but this time it’s too much! I am praying to the skies that they don’t charge me for this somehow, stating “well all records point to you…” or some garbage, I NEVER made these calls!
    In any case, I wholeheartedly agree with you that fido definietly and ultimately sucks! I cannot wait to get out of this contract , sadly I have about a year left, hell I just might buy out at this rate -_-

  2. Hello! I feel your pain as well.
    I am finally trying to do something to vent my boiling hatred of FIDO. I have turned my thesis in Industrial Design to Changing Fido’s evil ways. You would be doing me a great service if you could post your rants on my blog about phone service. I need leverage to go in there with so I can say, “LOOK! People hate you!”
    Tell your friends!

    Glad to have found you!

    Tanya Wilson
    Toronto, Canada

  3. retarded. Fido rox.

  4. @ eddie

    Yeah okay. Well I’m glad that you seem to be happy with them. As for myself… I had nothing but problems and am so glad that I am finally rid of them!

  5. angus frederick Says:

    Money is not really the issue. My rip-off problems are to do with things like how my mother phoned me and yakked for forty minutes and I was expecting to pay for only MY airtime. I was charged for my airtime plus the long distance fee for HER call. This WAS a prepaid call. I paid fido for Telus’ time as well as my mother paying Telus. GO FIGURE!!!

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