S.W.A.T Brought To you By Violence?

Last night I was relaxing at home, watching some television.  I started to watch this show called “Dallas S.W.A.T.”  It is a reality show based on the day to day experiences of The Dallas Police Department’s S.W.A.T team members…and the assignments that they perform on a daily basis.  You know, stuff like raiding fortified drug houses…filled with guns and drugs, executing search warrants, dealing with armed people who have barricaded themselves and refuse to co-operate with the police.  

So…I found it quite shocking to find out that part of last nights episode was brought to the viewing public by “Saints Row”  an Xbox video game that is now available in stores.  If you ask me the game depicts characters that resemble the suspects that the Dallas S.W.A.T team are trying to apprehend, so I can’t understand why they would be promoting such a violent game.  And don’t get me wrong…this is not some post about violent games corrupting the community….I just found it a little amusing.


One Response to “S.W.A.T Brought To you By Violence?”

  1. Not to twist blame or anything however if I am correct companies who advertise pay for particular time slots to be aired. I do not believe the producers of a particular show have any if much say in what commercials air during thier time slot. As far as the nature of the beast though, hopefully parents realize this show is not for young children or the weak at heart thus leading to the game being advertised to an appropriate playable age group…

    Just my 2 cents worth anyways… To the guys on Dallas, Kansas and Detroit S.W.A.T. as well as all other brothers and sisters in blue… Stay safe!

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