Why Do Things Like This Always Happen To Me?

A few weeks ago, someone syphoned gas out of my car in the middle of the night.  So my dad went and bought me this locking gas cap…so that it would not happen again.  Everything was fine.  I used it a few times during the last few weeks…it seemed to work fine.  The last time I had “gased up” was at a full service gas station…I gave the key to the guy, he unlocked the gas cap, put the gas in, and then locked it back up.  No troubles.  Well yesterday I had to do some driving around for work, and my gas light came on…so I pulled into a gas station so that I could fuel up.  I do not know what the hell the guy at the full service station did to the gas cap….but it somehow got stuck onto my car.  The lock totally jammed…key wouldn’t move to the left or the right at all.  I even had someone else give it a try…thinking maybe I was just having one of those moments.  But no….it would not budge.  So great!  Now what the hell am I going to do?  Here I am, with very little gas…money to pay for gas…but unable to physically put the gas into my car.  My dad is on the other side of the country right now (he is in New Brunswick visiting family), my bf was at work, and I still had to see quite a few clients for work, and to top it all off… I had a doctor’s appointment that is atleast a 20 minute drive away.  Luckily my dad has left his car behind…with the keys at his house…and I atleast had enough gas to get to his house to steal his car.  Later in the day, I dropped by the store that my dad bought the gas cap from to find out if they have ever heard of this happening to anyone else.  i was told that they have heard of the caps not locking…but never getting jammed onto a car.  I was told to use a crowbar…or a drill to get it off. 

Needless to say…once my bf and I got off work, we went to retreive my car from my dad’s.  Sure enough…the cap was still jammed on there somehow…so we had to pop the lock with a screw driver and a hammer.  I swear…something like this would only happen to me. 


2 Responses to “Why Do Things Like This Always Happen To Me?”

  1. Don’t feel so bad…this happened to me as well, but as I drove off from the gas station (frustrated as probably you were too…) I had forgot that I removed the key to the gas cap in an attempt to get it off and left it in the cap and drove off…

    when I got home, the key had fallen out…so I was left with having to pry the cap off with a crowbar….

    Murphy’s Law I guess…

  2. @ Scott
    Well, even though both of our tales definately suck….I am glad that I am not the only one! 😀 I have come to the conclusion that I would rather be able to put gasoline into my car then to try to keep some thief from taking it out!! Oh well…the lessons of life continue……

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