I Will Return…

Monday night I awoke to excruciating pain in the right side of my back and right hand side of my abdomen.  My  bf took me to the emergency department at 1:00 in the morning and I found out that I have a kidney infection.  So I am now on IV therapy….meaning I have a IV sticking out of my right hand (very uncomfortable) and I have to go to the hospital everyday to get antibotics pumped into it.  Today, I am hoping will be the last day that I have to get this done…and I can finally get this thing out of my hand.  I am scheduled to be re-assessed by the emergency doctor sometime today…so hopefully everthing will be looking better than it did on Monday.  Anyway, I will be back at some point!!!


2 Responses to “I Will Return…”

  1. Hey, we hope you are getting stronger and less “hosed up” by all this. We are not supposed to have extra “fittings” on our plumbing like that! Plus, hands were meant for waving around in the air as we speak, and
    things like that! (well, that’s what *I* say, with my hands)

    Get Well Soon!!! (i’m an orijinul)


  2. Thanks Galen 😀

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