I have decided that seeing as how it was my birthday the other day, I would try to change myself…in some way….for the better.  Change is good.  Now, please do not take the following the wrong way….but I have decided to be a little more nice.  Don’t get me wrong…I am not a mean spirited person or anything like that….I do actually care about people and the world.  But I have noticed lately that I am a little short tempered with people sometimes…..especially people whom  I don’t necessarily know.  I just seem to run into these people who are not the brightest bulbs in the bunch…you know what I mean?  Or people whom are just plain stupid, who do nothing but waste people’s time with their idiocy.  See, there I go again.  Geez this might be harder than I first believed!  Okay strike this whole post…..I am really, really going to try my hardest!


6 Responses to “Resolution….”

  1. The art of Selectively Interruptible Ranting (SIR)™ is something worth pursuing with a negatively charged rally squad, perhaps? I have noticed that your MEEBO widget is appearing on the page now, ma’am, but the problem might have something to do with it refering to yourself as “undefined” which I have at least halfway certain you are no such thing as!!! (are you? explain, please…)

    So maybe just keep generating a new snippet for yet-another widget (yaw), as this one does not seem to know to ‘whom’ it wishes to attach anything. Probably some 3-screen thing you had to do and one of them had an empty box in it? Like I said, keep on pounding’ (or maybe nudging downward on it there) and you’ll get the thing hammered into the ground!

    Then we’ll have to find something else wrong for me to see
    you fixing for yourself, like you wanted! (right, sort of?)

  2. @galen

    I too have realized that I am now “undefined” where as before I was “taraden”. I have no idea how that happened…or how to fix 😦

  3. Holy shite, I think it is actually working

  4. I ALMOST did a “drivers that piss me off” post this week! Good ones…

    Happy TT!

  5. Hey there, thanks for stopping by. You’ve got a great list and may I say: “ditto, ditto and ditto” to all you thirteen items. Stupid drivers should be ticketed.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. You are speakin’ my language on this one! I could add my own 13 to this list too!


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