A Better Life……

I have lived in this town for most of my life.  I did venture off to eastern Canada for about 4 years…but I missed the westcoast too much and had to return.  Since then…things have changed.  This town has grown larger.  More people have moved into the area.  But I still see the same lost souls wandering the streets….up to the same things that they were up to before.  Do they not want a better life?  Today…a man came up to me while I was on my lunch break, asking me for money.  This same man I have seen many times over the last few years…. in fact this same man has asked me for money on several occasions.  And as usual…I gave him the same response as I always do…. “Sorry….I have none.”  In some ways this makes me feel bad….but then I think, why should I feel bad?  It was not me that put this man in the position that he is in…. why should I have to pay for the mistakes that he has made in his life?  There is help out there…drug treatment programs…but the only thing is, is that they have to be willing to completely change their lifestyles.  And obviously many are not willing to do that.  It all just seems very sad to me


One Response to “A Better Life……”

  1. I never know what to do in those situations. I know several “regulars” like that… come to think of it and yeah, it’s pretty darn sad 😦

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