Not Very Bright…..

On Sunday night in Los Lunas, New Mexico, several employee’s of the local Burger King decided it would be a good idea to mix some marijuanna into some burgers that they were cooking for two customers.  The only thing…. the two customers were two police officers.  After ingesting over half of their burgers, the officers finally noticed that something was not quite right with their food.  They decided to do a test on it, and found it to contain marijunna.  Needless to say, the employee’s are now facing charges of possesion and aggravted battery of a police officer.   Not too smart at all!


3 Responses to “Not Very Bright…..”

  1. Wow! Again I am amazed.

    They (the bad guys) actually did that thing, the “aggravated battery”
    on them (the good ones)? So sinister, they are. When I read the article,
    I notice their charges include “marijana possession” which sounds eViL to me, no doubt! (who is mari jana, some ‘girl’ or?)

    I did not know the police actually came with batteries included (yet)!
    And to try possesing them? That really would be so aggravating!
    Electric cops. What won’t they think of me not knowing next?
    Surely they come in Electric Blue, too, or the color of Viagra (V)™.

    Most cops are fairly smart, I imagine, but getting hurt eating pot?

    Where’s Alice B. Toklas when Peter Sellers needs her “back”???

    Maybe Harry (or Henry) Anslinger was not too smart?
    Elected representates in Congress during 1937, how smart?

    One thing I wondered… if they “gave away” the pot by putting
    it on the patties, then how did they know the guys “possessed”
    it at all? Maybe it was simply in… the lettuce bin? An “accident”
    or really just a “deal gone bad” where delivery got interrupted?

    It is such a big puzzle for me!!! Think think think think…

    Oh, forget it! Life is sooooo wonderful, usually.
    And, why do I seem to question it, and so muchly?

    Well, next time I hope they’ll keep their possessions straight, and
    they cease aggravating the batteries of police officers, by golly!

    “You’re going to be charged…. zzzzzzappp!!!”
    “Ethnic war? What ethnic war? zzzzzzzzz…”
    “Stop aggravating my batteries, you fiends!”

  2. Qwerty Maniac Says:

    And I used to see T-shirts of McDonalds with Marijuana written on them mockingly, looks like BK decided to copy them 😛

  3. ha! That’s too funny!

    First visit here – Love the design.

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