That’s It….I Am Officially Done….

I’ve had it.  That’s it.  No more.  I want to live moron free life.  A life where things go as planned, people who are hired to do jobs actually DO THEM and know HOW TO do the job they were hired to do, a life where…when you make certain arrangements,  people actually listen to what you are saying instead of just brushing you off…and then later coming along and totally disregarding everything that was said, doing the exact opposite from what was discussed and completely fucking everything up.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?  I can picture it in my mind….such a perfect world.  But yet… there is the obvious question “Does this wonderful place even exist?”  I have yet to come across it.  Unfortunately….something (and I have no idea what) that I have done in either this life or maybe even a previous one prevents me from finding this bliss.  If anyone out there knows the “code” to get in…or maybe you have a spare key!!!!…I would only need to borrow it for about 10 minutes…run down to the local Home Depot…cut me a copy.  It would be greatly appreciated.


4 Responses to “That’s It….I Am Officially Done….”

  1. T~

    I know a guy (well, not personally) who posted on his blog about getting a “bumper” thing that lets you become a lock picker. Seriously. But this is too late to do you any good, and I hope someone close to you actually wants to help.

    You don’t have to do anything (bad or good) to get screwed over.

    Oops, you knew that already, didn’t you?

    Well, I guess I could apologize for that reminder. Also for wondering how it is possible that I actually feel like I miss you, and it is not possible that I actually do? Did I do something wrong in this life, or the one before, or am I going to screw up in the next one?

    Perhaps I will find a cheerful way to “look at it” with help! 🙂

    Thanks for doing that for me, when I did not ask! 😉

  2. hey, that looks like a new header with your own choice of picture, which is gorgeous, of course! looks like you had not the time/patience/enjoyment of the meebo thing, which i can easily understand. knowing how to do the thing and then deciding not to use it makes it an intelligent decision, instead of a “blind” one, which is always best! keep up the straight-think in a twist-offered world! you always end up feeling better that-a-way… or it will be easier to believe that you are, which is as good as the same as being… words.words.words.etc.

  3. @ galen

    I thought I would change the look around a bit. As for the Meebo thing…no one ever uses it. It kind of seemed pointless. But I do thank you for helping me understand the whole concept of how the thing worked! I also didn’t really like the way it looked in my sidebar. Probably a size issue or something to that effect, but oh well…you never know I might bring it back one day. As for this silly post…. its really not that serious….kind of sarcastic…but definately aimed at someone who I feel needs to be a little more “on the ball” shall I say?!?

  4. You actually found out that exactly half of “us” are below the half-way line, and of course it seems like they should know who they are. Not you, not me, but someone you know who I do not (believe) I would enjoy very much, either. I appreciate how unusually reasonable you always are, even if frustration finds you expressing it here. Almost “as if” anyone “out here” could care. Maybe someone does. Someone else besides you, me, and at least one other… more would certainly help!

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