Some Just Don’t Get It….

A woman in Port Moody….a city not very far from where I live, was attacked and bitten by a bear in the last few days.   It happened at night…while she was on her way to take her dog for a walk.  The bear…which happened to be a mother bear, with three cubs that were off hiding in some bushes, was digging through some garbage, obviously in search of an easy meal.  The womans dog was alerted by the bear’s presence and started to defend itself…..which resulted in the bear attacking the dog.  The woman was merely trying to break up the fight….and as a result she was bit by the bear on the leg. 

And while I understand that this ordeal must have been very scary and tramatic for this woman and her dog…I can’t help but feel sorry for this bear and her cubs.  If not for the carelessness of the people whom insist on leaving their garbage out over night, in an area known to inhabit bears….it is really no fault but their own that things like this happen.  Wildlife consevation officers are now on the hunt for the mother bear and her cubs… which will most likely be killed.  I just don’t understand why people do not listen to the warnings. 


3 Responses to “Some Just Don’t Get It….”

  1. i saw that on the news too… and I saw another news real a while back about how it’s policy to just kill the bears if they are in residential areas! Doesn’t seem entirely fair 😦

  2. that sucks for the woman and glad she’s okay but i totally get what you’re saying. when i heard about it i turned to john ‘more people should read metroblogging’ haha (shameless plug) but there has been a lot of media attention brought to the fact that bears ARE in the cities – and not just the artsy spirit bear. we were leaving our friend’s place in lynn valley last night and john said ‘(604) 990-BEAR!’

  3. out here in the country there is a saying, “a fed bear is a dead bear” i guess that is the easy way of summing up your point. i’m not sure how residental the area is that your speaking of – but there are quite a few reasons these kinds of things are happening. … I wonder why the lady didn’t just let the pup (and I’m a big lover of pups) go. Trying to break up a bear fight with a dog – wow, that’s amazingly stupid.

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