No Crue For Me….

Motley Crue and Aerosmith are coming to Vancouver on December 13. A local radio station here (99.3 The Fox) has a “Fox Rocks Club” and by being a member of this club, you get the privilege of purchasing “pre sale” tickets for certain concerts that are coming to town. These pre sale tickets go on sale before the regular sale to the general public. All you need is the pre sale password, which they conveniently email to you a few days prior to the pre sale date. Well today was the pre sale for The Crue and Aerosmith…starting at 10:00 am.

It was perfect….I’d be at work… my desk…with my computer…..logged into “Ticketmaster”……all ready to gobble up a few of the tickets. Well atleast I thought it would be perfect until some moron decided to careen his vehicle into a power pole just down the road from my work….causing a major power outage that lasted from 9:30 am until almost 1:00 this afternoon. Once the power was restored I decided to go online to check to see if there was any possibilty of still getting tickets. I figured the pre sale would have been completely sold out….but to my surprise there were still tickets!! Wahooo!! Even though the only tickets available were in the nose bleeder section and completely sucked I thought “oh well…it’s better than nothing.” So I go to complete the order…when I get asked for the “security code” located on the back of the card, right by the signature strip. Well conveniently this number has worn off of the card…. making it totally illegible. So I figured that if we called MasterCard they would be able to provide us with the information that we needed. So we give them a call. Even though, when you call they ask for all these security questions to confirm your identity, they will not willingly give out this “special” security code over the phone. No…..there is absolutely no way to obtain this code if it has worn off your card. The only solution…..would be for them to mail you out a new card…with a visible security code. GREAT! So now, after thinking that this day was going to go by completely smoothly…and that I would have absolutely no problem getting tickets for a show that I desperately want to see…I now sit here ticketless 😥


One Response to “No Crue For Me….”

  1. ha! Man… some days are just meant to kick ya!

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