Back From Vegas…

We arrived back in Vancouver last night. Our plane, which was supposed to leave Las Vegas at 7:30 was delayed by about an hour…..making it past 1:30 am by the time we got home.

Vegas was pretty cool. The weather was good…I would say about 26 degrees celcius on average per day. We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel, right on the strip.


There were so many things to see! We definately did alot of walking, up and down the strip, checking out all the casino’s and hotels along the way. By far the most impressive and my personal favorite out of all the hotels and casino’s was Caesar’s Palace.


It’s massive!  The Forum Shops, the fountains, everthing in there was so neat!

But I would have to say that this……


was my most favorite thing that we got to see while we were there. This is one of three lions at the MGM Grand. It was the coolest thing. They are in a plexi-glass enclosure that has a tunnel going through it. The trainers were throwing bits of raw meat on the sides of the plexiglass, then the lions would come up and lick it off the glass…right there in front of you. Then, after eating they all went and lounged out on the roof of the glass tunnel. So when you are inside the tunnel they are laying right above you!


It was pretty freakin cool . And while we were hanging out in the tunnel, one of the trainers was in there answering a bunch of questions about them.

But in all I am glad to be back in Canada, and to be back home. Even though I do miss not being there today… is good to be back! I will be posting a few more pictures on Flickr within the next couple of days.


3 Responses to “Back From Vegas…”

  1. Caesar’s is really crazy – there is nothing like it! 26 degrees eh? I could use something like that right about now!

  2. @ mel

    Yes 26 degrees was nice indeed! The only thing….. I am now freezing!!!

  3. I’ve stayed twice at Flamingo – for the price, location and pool, it can’t be beat. Gotta love the shopping at Caesar’s!

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