Happy Halloween…


This is truely my favorite time of year.  I enjoy Halloween even more than Christmas.  This Halloween is the first in many that I will actually be able to hand out candy to Trick or Treaters from my own home.  In the past, I have done the whole apartment living thing…. so there was never a need to go buy candy.  I usually ended up at my parents house, doing the candy thing there….. saving them from travelling up and down the stairs everytime the doorbell rang.  

This Halloween I was planning on going all out.  Doing the whole decorating thing…. making things spooky….. but I really have not had the time.  With just getting back from Vegas,  and also having to volunteer at a haunted house that my daughters ringette association was a part of, there has not been very much time.  In fact I just scooped all the guts out of my pumpkin this morning…. and now have to finish carving it on my lunch break!!  Seeing as how I work until 5:00….. there will be no time after work!  Ahhhhh…… I wish I had more time to get prepared!  


One Response to “Happy Halloween…”

  1. I think Halloween is my favourite too! I used to decorate my house growing up with tombstones and create a labratory inside that kids can see from the door. It was fun to be known as the “scary house”. Now, like you, I’ve had the apartments (and, in my case, houses in ghetto neighbourhoods) so I haven’t handed out candy in 9 years!? Waaaah! I want to see the kiddies! 🙂

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