That was the number of little goblins that visited my home last night, in search of candy.  Many were very cute, all dresssed in their costumes….. but some were very big…. too big to be trick or treating in fact.  But seriously, there is only so many times a pregnant woman can go up and down the stairs before becoming exhausted.  So I shut er’ down at like 8:00.  By that time the knocks/doorbell chimes were getting very few and far between anyway….. and I really didn’t want to answer the door to some drunk teenagers, trying to cash in on some free chocolate. 


2 Responses to “58…..”

  1. Okay, I missed the part about the pregnant woman, wherever you mentioned it, if you did. Of course, I might have thought so, but it is not my “first guess” usually. Maybe I’ll see if I can figure out the rest of it, without asking any “nosy” questions. Ha, as if… could I do that, ever? Not let curiosity make me to “nosy” is what I mean, of course.

    (Congrats, if it’s you!) 🙂

  2. @ Galen

    I might have dropped a hint somewhere on this blog… to tell you the truth I can’t really remember. I do however have another blog which is completely dedicated to my whole pregnancy, which is where I choose to babble on about it!! And, I guess I just answered question… yes it is me that is pregnant!

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