Chaotic Soul, Slowly Turning ME Chaotic

As of a few minutes ago, I had thought that I had permanently changed my theme to “Chaotic Soul.”  Its a really beautiful theme.  I love the way it looks, the way it feels and the features it possesses.  What is getting to me is the features that it lacks.  No tags for posts, no date/time stamp on posts, no “previous posts” link at the bottom of the page, no option for different pages, heck not even an about page!!

I know…. sounds like a bunch of pissy moaning and bitching, but these things are important to me!  So I have once again switched back to “Regulus.”   This theme just seems to have everything that I need.


One Response to “Chaotic Soul, Slowly Turning ME Chaotic”

  1. Hey, you gave it an honest chance, and kept it longer than I did. You mentioned most of my “complaints” there too, so if it is pissy moaning and bitching, may I please harmonize with you again? I will take the higher part, if I can find any of my falsetto left (or is that right?) where it once was found.

    Lost, or not? You probably were (or are, or will be) not chaotic enough, soul-wise. Just a hunch, again.

    On my back? (haha) Should I wonder why I take such wild guesses?

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